CYBORGg resistance is futile



CYBORGg (CYBORG group) is a collective of digital technology and marketing specialists dedicated to the humanisation of marketing automation in a market that has grown 50% year on year for last 2 years (VentureBeat) and is set to grow from $3.65 billion in 2014 to $5.5 billion in 2019 (MarketsandMarkets Report).

The aim of the collective is find new ways to help companies combine technology and human resources to consistently nurture prospects with highly personalised and useful content; convert sales opportunities with optimal efficiency; and build profitable and lasting relationships in real-time.

The collective currently includes:

  • Mike O’Brien – CEO, Jam Partnership (Planning, Strategy, and Content)
  • Mike O'Brien cyborgg CEO
  • David Bottomley – Owner, Merlin Analytical Solutions Ltd (Data and Scoring)
  • David Bottomley cyborgg
  • Rob Thurner – Founding Partner of Burner Mobile (Mobile)
  • Rob Thurner cyborgg
  • Matt Banks – Founder, Optimise Works (Analytics and Attribution modelling)
  • Matt Banks cyborgg
  • Mike Rogers – Managing Director, Optimize Search Marketing (SEO and PPC)
  • Mike Rogers cyborgg
  • Aiden Carroll – Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at We Are Squared (Social)
  • aiden carrol cyborgg
  • John Sweeney – Automation consultant (Sourcing, Integration and Systems)
  • John Sweeney cyborgg

Each member is an internationally recognised digital expert and an experienced conference speaker with C-Suite experience in business. The CYBORGg collective will soon be joined by specialists in display advertising, email, UX, near field communication and iBeacon technology.

cyborgg humanising marketing automation

CYBORGg exists to help:

  • Companies optimise existing marketing automation systems that are not achieving the desired impact on acquisition, conversion and retention
  • Companies in the process of installing marketing automation systems looking to develop an immediate impact on acquisition, conversion and retention

You can find out more about CYBORGg by visiting the dedicated website or calling Mike O’Brien on 07450 255 168 to discuss any aspect of digital transformation, marketing automation and human integration.