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August 18

Will tech companies eventually do right by consumers?

Regulation be damned Despite the introduction of regulation in the form of The GDPR and The EU and ICO flexing their punitive muscles by handing out record fines for data protection infractions, the conduct of companies such as Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and Google has raised doubts in the minds of consumers regarding the importance product […]

July 12

The quantum marketing skills challenge.

  Most of the marketing tasks that once took highly-skilled teams weeks to accomplished can now be actioned in minutes by an individual with a smartphone. Even the most complex programmatic campaigns are triggered, delivered and dynamically optimised in milliseconds. But speed isn’t everything. While marketers make every effort to optimise business and human productivity, […]

June 12

The creative brief has lost too much mojo

99 times out of 100, the creative brief isn’t really creative enough to inform and inspire great thinking.

December 13

All we want for Christmas is an IoT party

The Internet of Things has a long way to go before it makes most people’s Christmas stocking

October 31

Most office workers unafraid of AI – lol

What could possibly go wrong? According to the World Economic Forum, an estimated five million jobs across 15 developed countries will be taken by robots by 2020. And yet, according to an article by Adobe’s Mark Greenaway (Head of Emerging Businesses, EMEA): “Most office workers view it (AI) as a positive force, with the majority […]

February 06

Client-Agency Wars – the end is nigh

As if brexit wasn’t trouble enough If client agency relationships are to survive the coming of Brexit and Automation (One will reduce budgets. The other will eliminate jobs) we need to develop empathic work practices. It will take more than profoundly considered but ponderously produced creative alchemy to keep the outsourced agency of the future […]

August 22

Un-automated marketers – clearly a primitive people

Will there be life after marketing automation? Way back in 1974, Cadbury’s Smash ran an an ad campaign featuring a group of mechanical Martian Explorers laughing their heads off at the way humans  prepare potatoes for consumption. In March 2016, The Drum invited a panel of ten marketers to reimagine the campaign in a contemporary context. […]

April 13

How I long to be more like you Marketing Automation bot – I think

is your boss a bit botty? In my early career the thought of coming to work to knock out yet another knockout brand ad campaign for a client… made sleeping over in the agency seem worth it. Now, at the age of 59, hardly a day goes by when I feel there is more to working […]

March 19

In love with Customer Experience

Is there more to life than sales? The following is an extended response to an article I published as part of the TFM&A Board of Experts. The article has some excellent contributions from leaders in the digital marketing field. This update, provides a more complete response to questions posed than is possible in the article. 1: […]

letter-christmas-decoration-7287329 December 03

The 12 A’s of Christmas

Santa has been busy thinking about what you want for Christmas My early Christmas gift to one and all readers is my definitive A-Z list (with a twist ) of marketing in the digital age… the twist is that they all begin with the letter A. There’s optimisation for you. Analysis Keeping in touch with the […]