Digital Marketing redefined


In search of a definition

I have been working on a Module for an online course which had me scrabbling around for a succinct one-liner describing digital marketing. First time of note is that finding anything outside of Wiki’s version is nigh on impossible. The next issue is the fact that those who bother to have a go a defining the art trimming the digital monster into a nutshell of a reference point seem to be academics with no flair for drama or evocation. The one exception to the musings was Dr Dave Chaffey’s taut 7-word headliner.

In  the interests of fairness to those who have gone before me, I hereby put my own thoughts in the spotlight:

Digital Marketing is: Using digital channels to profit from being useful to prospects and customers whenever they need, want or desire help finding, exploring, buying, living with and responding to your product or service.

The ugly profit word was the one that gave me most cause for concern. Without it, the line seems so much more poetic but I think we should get paid for being useful in this life. Don’t you? I hope this was useful?