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The ABC of OVP (Online Value Proposition)


As Leonardo DaVinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

So my as-simple-as-it-gets take on developing a powerful OVP (Online Value Proposition) is…

Be more useful than useless.”

The process is as follows:

A. Assess what customers find most useful

B. Be especially mindful of things that remain useful over time

C. Commit to remaining demonstrably more useful than the competition in everything you do

This can be expressed as a constructively aligned process that starts with asking customers what they want at every stage of the pathway to purchase, conversion process and retention activity. presentationtemplateDo you know what your customers find most useful? Have you actually asked them or are you guessing/making assumptions about their experiences?

The truth is, people always want products that satisfy their immediate and often transient needs, wants and desires, but they always, always want good service. Good service, regardless of the market you are in is perhaps the most consistently important driver of repeat business. Its roots are in product design, its expression is in every touchpoint, its results are seen in the bottom line.

So how does this proves look in practical terms?


When it comes to customer service, no company epitomises total commitment to the cause than Amazon. It is a complex business with the widest diaspora of customers, but at its core is a simple OVP.

Amazon’s ABC of OVP.

A. Assess what customers find most useful (Range of products)

B. Be especially mindful of things that remain useful over time (Competitive Pricing)

C. Commit to remaining demonstrably more useful than the competition in everything you do (Immediate Availability)