Strongbow has the bottle to use an RFID chip

In think Strongbow’s Earn it Campaign is great – I wish I had the bottle for the Stand Up Challenge – but this idea to use the bottle cap to trigger events in their new “Starter’ campaign that is rolling out across Europe is a great example of the way the physical and digital worlds are merging thanks to RFID tags. In other parts of the world, they washable RFID tags are being used in healthcare, hotels, hospitality and laundries. Royal Caribbean, the World’s Largest Cruise Ship, has an RFID-based Passenger-Tracking System which allows passengers to find each other anywhere, anytime even when swimming in one of two 40-foot-long surfing pools, screaming down the zip line or hanging by a thread on the 30-foot-tall rock-climbing wall. Strongbow are pre-loading the campaign with customer ideas by asking them what they would use the Starter cap technology to start? A great interpersonal idea and a great use of technology rolled into one.