Nest on its way to your home and beyond

Big Brother’s toe in the door or the start of bringing Amazon-style customer service into our everyday lives? I am firmly in Nest’s corner on this one. The idea of my home and many of the objects in it anticipating my every need, want and desire is going to be good for our lives and good for business. It is going to create a whole bunch of new service industries. New jobs for thinkers, designers, programmers, manufacturers and eCommerce and retail businesses across just about every industry sector out there. There is little in the home, that could not benefit from some form of automation.

Even the objects in your life that exist outside the home can be connected into one seamless system that monitors your comings and goings and adjusts everything at home to the nth degree. Sentient heating is obvious: it will reduce wasted energy consumption and reduce your overheads. Security and safety systems are already doing a good job of looking after your well being 24 hours a day, but what about intelligent: food storage and ordering , mood lighting, health monitoring, pet feeding, mail scanning, council tax paying, property maintenance, domestic cleaning, lawn mowing and watering, auto-decorating, furniture arranging, insurance content assessing, homework monitoring, party blocking (for those with teenage kids) lipsmsmakingthirstquencingeverliving… you get the idea. The sentient home is close to becoming a reality.